Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Not even sute if this is active still. It's anyone guess really!

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Monday, April 09, 2007

old me vs new me

this is the old me - this particular pic was taken at Dreamworld in 2005. at the time i thought this was a great pic. i really liked it. and i guess it was a great pic of me.

This is the new me this pic was taken a few weeks ago with my phone, just after i had my hair cut. while this isnt the most fantastic pic of me, it is recent, even if i look a little blue. considering i took the pic myself with my phone i recon it turned out alright

i personally think the difference if amazing. and im not even done with my transformation yet!

look out world, cos you probably won't recognise me!

um yeah so i'm back

as the title of my post suggests, i am back here blogging away.
its been about two years since my last post. quite frankly i am suprised i can even use this blog anymore. surely there is some time out period where if you dont blog for over a year, let alone two years, then sorry - no blog for you!
well im glad there isn't as i really didn't fancy signing up again. so much less effort to just resign in and away i go.
so what has been happening in the past two years. hmmm well i was on holidays last post so after that here is the run down
  • well i came back from holidays and went back to work at bt
  • my contract at bt ended - thus unemployment started
  • i got a job at westpac - where i am gainfully (note i didn't say happily) employed


  • moved about three times with both of my sisters
  • now only live with one one my sisters
  • i now live only 5 mins walk away from work, which is great


  • i had spikey hair and now its kinda smooth and straight
  • my hair went from brown to black to purple and now its brigh red
  • i started eating right and have lost approx 30 kilos so far. i should put a pic some where so you can see the difference. long way to go yet but still a top effort by me i say!
  • love life - no change (insert appropriate sad face and a chorus of awww's)

i think that is all the updating i can remember at the momment. and the past is the past and i should concentrate on the future. while still remembering that the past has made me who i am. ok this is all getting a little too deep for my liking.

well thus endeth my first post since finding my path back here. now here's to all the posts from now on, and lets hope i can remember to write them more frequently than i was before.